Video: Congresswoman omits “under God” on House floor while leading Pledge of Allegiance

Aaaaaand it’s not just any Congresswoman, but Minnesota’s own Betty McCollum, who’s defending the seat against a strong challenge from Republican Teresa Collett in the 4th CD this year.  Normally, I’d let this slide, but in this case McCollum wanted to lead the chamber in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. If she objects to the “under God” portion of the pledge, then why volunteer for the job? But this is from quite a while ago as well:

This took place on April 17, 2002, according to C-SPAN’s archives, which makes it fair game but not as trenchant as if it had occurred in this session of Congress. A voter in McCollum’s district dug up the incident, thanks again to C-SPAN’s searchable library. I’m not sure I’ve heard of this being an issue in McCollum’s earlier races, but then again, she hasn’t found herself in a competitive race in any of her re-election campaigns. The closest race she had was a 58-33 squeaker over Patrice Bataglia in 2004.

It’s up on the front page of Fox Nation today, so obviously some people think this is a big deal. Do you agree? Take the poll: