Dem Congressman: 24 years in military not public service

Remember the furor that erupted when Barbara Boxer equated serving in the Senate to serving in the military? Jim Moran won’t have any of that. In an appearance two weeks ago, the Congressman from Virginia’s 8th CD told an audience of his followers that his Republican opponent, Patrick Murray, was a “typical,” “stealth” candidate with no record of political action, and no record of public service, unlike himself, who has served almost 20 years in Congress. Of course, Colonel Patrick Murray spent 24 years in the US Army, including combat tours in four different conflicts, as Barbara Hollingsworth points out in the Washington Examiner:

Note too that it’s not as if Moran didn’t know about Murray’s service record.  Moran actually sneers at it, claiming that Murray had “taken a government check” for 24 years as a member of the military, as if Murray hadn’t earned every penny of it working in defense of his nation.

I can’t imagine this kind of mocking would fly anywhere except in the most Leftward bastions of academia, and perhaps not even there.  In a state with a long tradition of military leadership — and defense contractors — Moran’s denigration of military service should shock voters, as well as his arrogance in assuming that doling pork is a higher public-service calling than putting one’s life on the line to defend America. This is an incumbent who badly needs a forced retirement.