Crist to Rubio: You offend my Hispanicness

How do we know Charlie Crist has fully transformed into a Democrat? He set himself up as the authority on Hispanic authenticity in the debate with Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek last night on the Tampa Bay Fox affiliate. In fact, Crist goes so far that the other Democrat in the race winds up objecting to the attack after Marco Rubio’s strong rebuttal. Crist attempts to scold Rubio for “turning his back on his Hispanic family,” and then tries to weasel out of it by saying he just read it in a newspaper:

It’s bad enough playing identity politics when one is of the identity in question. It’s doubly offensive when it comes from someone who shares nothing of the ethnicity they purport to represent. In Crist’s case, though, it qualifies as high satire. Isn’t Crist the candidate that just “turned his back” on the political party he led in this state only because Rubio was kicking his rear end in primary polling, and then spent the next several months reversing almost every policy position he ever held? Crist has the nerve to lecture Rubio on political ambition?

And then, after that, Crist tries running away from his own attack by claiming that he was just quoting someone else. Not only is Crist shameless, he’s gutless as well.

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