NOW's endorsement hypocrisy strikes again

Let’s see if we can guess who NOW added to their Hall of Shame over an insult to a “powerful woman.”  No fair clicking through first and peeking at the answer:

So what’s wrong with equating politicians with prostitutes? After all, it’s a quick and vivid way of accusing legislators of selling their votes (and presumably their principles) for money. Countless political cartoons have portrayed supposedly greedy and ethically-challenged politicians in fishnet stockings and garters. Since when did this amusing metaphor hurt anyone?

The problem is, the accusation conjures up an image almost exclusively of women — typically streetwalkers, but sometimes high-class escorts like [redacted] describes. Also, the term seems to flow so easily off the tongues of men seeking to degrade successful, powerful (perhaps “uppity”?) women.

They must be talking about Jerry Brown and his campaign staff, whose campaign staff was caught on tape strategizing on labeling Meg Whitman a “whore.”  Oh, wait, it couldn’t be him; NOW endorsed Jerry Brown within hours of that tape’s public release.

It must be Alan Grayson, the Democrat who called one of Ben Bernanke’s aides a “K Street whore.”  Whoops, no, it’s not him; NOW endorsed Grayson over the weekend.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Democrat.  NOW installed Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh into their Hall of Shame when they called Mary Landrieu a “prostitute” over her Louisiana Purchase payoff in ObamaCare.  In fact, NOW was so incensed over those comments that they wanted their membership to protest to the syndicator of both hosts.

How about Grayson?  Well, oddly enough, this passage actually mentions Grayson:

Not long ago Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fl.) called Linda Robertson, an adviser to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, a “K Street whore,” and he was rightly criticized for doing so.

And how does NOW punish those Democrats who transgress their standards in this area?  They endorse them for Congress.

Update: I neglected to tip the hat to ManInSociety, who sent it to me yesterday.  Be sure to drop by his blog.