Another brilliant moment in AGW marketing

Because nothing sells policy like, er, images of people killing childrenAndrew Bolt alerts Australian readers to the latest in marketing from anthropogenic global-warming activists, this time from a group with the ironic name ACT-Responsible.  Kind of makes one long for the days of polar-bear hugs, huh?

I’d say that ACT-R is creatively challenged, all right.  Bolt also objects to a video embedded on his site that exploits a child’s supposed nightmare (while hugging a polar-bear doll, natch), but that one is more stupid than offensive.  It argues that we should allow governments to impose Draconian policies because a child has a nightmare, and ends with several children saying “Save the world!” into a camera.  It’s a good way to avoid acknowledging that the AGW hysterics still haven’t built a single successful predictive model proving their assertions about future weather systems, still haven’t addressed the serious data gaps in their studies, still have Rajendra Pachauri at the head of the IPCC despite the serial scandals regarding their academic standards of inclusion in the report, and in general having offered little but apocalyptic posturing.  Putting a noose around a little girl on an ice cube is all they really have.

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