Video: Blumenthal’s flop on job creation

First a mommy job meets a daddy job, and then they share a “special hug.” That may have been more coherent than the rambling non-answer given by Richard Blumenthal during the Connecticut debate last night.  Linda McMahon directly challenged the lifetime public-sector official to describe how jobs get created, and Blumenthal showed that he clearly has no clue (via Real Clear Politics):

We should create jobs by “creative policies”? Bzzzz! Sorry, wrong answer, but thank you for playing, Mr. Blumenthal.  “Creative policies” don’t create jobs.  Creative policies usually interfere with job creation.  We’ve seen that clearly enough in this administration.

McMahon expertly describes how jobs get created, so pay attention to the answer, but also consider the role of government in the process.  Government has no direct role in the process.  Government has a role in creating an environment in which entrepreneurs can create jobs by providing for a stable, predictable market without bias or tilt, with a reliable rule of law rather than arbitrary interventions for preconceived outcomes, and a tax policy that encourages people to keep the fruit of their labor and investments to the greatest degree possible.

That wasn’t so hard.  If Blumenthal had spent any significant time in the private sector creating jobs, he would already know the answer.  Blumenthal is hardly the only Democrat with that problem, but we sure don’t need any more going to Washington to make the problem worse.