The inevitable 10:10 remix

The irony here is that this remix by “Orwell’s Spectre” has essentially the same message as the original mini-film from 1010Global; it’s just made a little more clear in the remix. It uses the same disturbing imagery, although thankfully this time eschews the shot of Gillian Anderson’s eyeballs sliding down a gore-drenched window. In exchange for that hyperbole, the remix tosses in a rather incendiary endorsement of 1010Global’s mission at the end. See if you can guess what quote will get used:

While I normally think that using terrorists’ words to equate to political positions is unfair, 1010Global has it coming in this instance. Their film expressly used the imagery of blowing people up for a refusal to submit to groupthink, which they found humorous but almost everyone else immediately equated with terrorism and tyranny. It doesn’t matter whether that groupthink is environmentalism, Islam, or ethnic supremacy; imposing it with threats of violence, especially in such a graphic and chilling manner, changes its nature not one whit. And issuing a non-apology “I’m sorry if you were offended” apology makes it clear that either they don’t get that concept, or they don’t care much one way or the other.