Video: “Logrolling”

Most of the clever campaign ads this season have come from candidates with more creativity than opportunities to win in November, but one exception to that trend has been Sean Duffy. The Republican nominee to replace Wisconsin’s David Obey has another down-home style ad with a twist; in his first he swung an axe, and in this spot, Duffy uses the sport of logrolling to make his point. A man in a suit labeled “Career Politician” is shown logrolling taxpayers, children, and old ladies. What happens when Duffy steps onto the log? Guess:

Only Chuck Norris could have done better — and that’s because Norris would have chewed the log down with his own teeth, and probably in two bites. Duffy does well enough, though, and that appears to also be true of his overall campaign effort. National Journal’s Hotline reports that a new NRCC poll has Duffy up 14 points over Democrat Julie Lassa:

Retiring Rep. David Obey’s seat in WI 07 has been one of the most targeted races of the cycle so far. Both the NRCC and the DCCC have run ads to boost the campaigns of former “Real World” star and Ashland Co. DA Sean Duffy (R) and state Sen. Julie Lassa (D). The NRCC poll, conducted by Fabrizio, McLaughlin and Associates from Sept. 15-16, shows Duffy holding a commanding 52% to 38% lead over Lassa among 400 likely voters. Those numbers are strikingly different than the internal poll Lassa released Tuesday showing her trailing Duffy 42% to 41%.

It’s a D+3 district that Barack Obama won by 13 points in 2008, but that John Kerry barely held in 2004. Voters may be looking for more change than continuity this year after 40 years of Obey and two years of the radical Obama-Pelosi agenda in play on Capitol Hill. If they want someone to logroll the status quo, WI-07 voters now know which candidate to back.