Video: The campaign ad that sums up the election

If elections hinged on cutting to the heart of the biggest issue in the US with clarity and brevity, as well as wit and humor, Joel Demos would win Minnesota’s 5th CD seat in a landslide.  While Keith Ellison and the Democrats in Congress demand more spending, more debt, and more taxes, Demos reminds us exactly who will foot the bill for our profligate and self-absorbed policies in the long run.  In his latest campaign ad, Demos tells us why he’s running in an almost-impossible race — and reminds us why it matters:

Those are Joel’s kids and his wife in the video; I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and Joel during the campaign. This may be a tough race for Joel to win, but no one can say that Joel didn’t put everything he has into fighting for it, and no one in MN-05 can say that they weren’t given a clear choice on November 2nd. Let’s hope they make the right choice, and if you have a few bucks, visit Joel’s site and help him get the message out.

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