Video: Fiorina slams "Senator Ma'am" in first TV spot

Carly Fiorina releases her first TV spot in the general election today, and takes aim at Barbara Boxer’s insistence on being called “Senator” in a rebuke during a military briefing from a general that C-SPAN caught. This might not have been a worthwhile campaign issue if Boxer had taken an opportunity in the first debate with Fiorina to apologize for her haughty tone. Instead, Boxer more or less doubled down on her snotty remark, giving Fiorina the opportunity to question Boxer’s priorities — and her altogether unearned attitude of entitlement:

Somehow, I think Boxer may ironically be left quoting another general, albeit a movie version of him, if she goes down to defeat in November. In the film Patton, after Patton discovers that he has been relieved of his command and denied the chance to lead the invasion of France, his personal attendant muses that it all came from “one measly slap.”  “Ah, George,” Patton replies, “I wish I would have kissed the SOB.”