Video: Rocking Chair, redux

In 2008, the DSCC ran a successful ad on behalf of Kay Hagan in her campaign to unseat Senator Elizabeth Dole. The ad, “Rocking Chair,” featured two older gentlemen in rocking chairs on a gas station porch discussing Dole’s effectiveness in Washington. In accordance with the Democratic theme of the 2008 election, they also painted her as a rubber stamp for George W. Bush rather than an agent of change:

Fast forward two years and a healthy dose of Hopeandchange. Richard Burr is running for North Carolina’s other Senate seat and has a new ad out called “Front Porch.” Burr’s campaign has the same two men sitting in rocking chairs talking about their buyer’s remorse from supporting Democrats in the last election, complaining about spending and debt and concluding that “Washington is out of control”:

Clever! It also reflects a strong current of buyer’s remorse throughout the country, and the anger that comes from being promised one thing by a political party and getting something else entirely. It speaks to many voters who are also saying, “Some hope and change!” in 2010.

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023