RGA throws in the towel on Colorado

The GOP looks to have an excellent Election Night in terms of gubernatorial races as well as in Congress.  Estimates range from six to eight pickups in states, and perhaps even better results in state legislatures.  However, it does not appear that Colorado will be one of the pickups, as the Republican Governors Association has decided to stop spending any money on a troubled bid by Dan Maes:

Speaking to reporters at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor Wednesday morning, Barbour acknowledged the difficulties businessman Dan Maes (R) faces in winning election, and the RGA’s unwillingness to throw good money after bad.

“We have spent money in Colorado. Past tense,” Barbour said. …

“We practice what I call ruthless targeting. When we raise money from people in good faith, our good faith pledge is we’re going to use it where” it makes sense, Barbour said. “We don’t pay for sure winners. We don’t give to sure losers. We try to put our money where it makes a difference.”

Republicans in Colorado have called for Maes to withdraw, which would have two immediate consequences.  The state GOP would almost certainly and immediately replace Maes with Jane Norton, who lost a primary fight with Ken Buck for the Republican nomination for US Senate.  The former lieutenant governor would have enough standing among Republicans that her nomination might convince Tom Tancredo to withdraw his independent bid, which would unite Republicans and make the state’s gubernatorial race more competitive.

Maes has refused so far to comply, but the RGA move appears to send an official Amityville Horror message … get out.  If Maes stays in the race, then Barbour will have made the right decision.  It makes no sense to waste GOP dollars on a situation where the money can do no good.

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