Video: Beware the Political Insidersaurus

Are Beltway insiders dinosaurs? Lots of Tea Party activists think so, and so does Eric Wargotz, running for the GOP nomination in Maryland to run against Barbara Mikulski for the US Senate. Like many other candidates in this cycle, Wargotz wants to differentiate himself with creativity in his web ads. This actually works pretty well to get Wargotz attention in a crowded field, and it’s not just Mikulski who gets depicted as an insular dinosaur; Harry Reid transforms into a T-Rex, and Nancy Pelosi becomes a pteradactyl, complete with screeching. Wargotz dons a nature adventurer costume and the narration uses a distinct down-under, Crocodile Hunter accent:

With any luck, Political Insidersauruses will be a species in serious decline after the midterms, and Maryland could be a state that rethinks its Democratic representation in both chambers of Congress.

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David Strom 6:01 PM on March 29, 2023