Video: When Obama talks about victory in Iraq next week ...

Jake Tapper noted that President Obama plans to address the nation to note the drawdown of combat troops in Iraq, an event that occurred while Obama vacationed at Martha’s Vineyard while Obama refused to comment on it at all. His address to the nation will no doubt salute the troops that beat a tough insurgency campaign by al-Qaeda and other terrorists to overthrow the government in Baghdad — but will probably contain a large dose of self-congratulation, too. If it does, John Boehner put together this video to remind people what Obama and his fellow Democrats said about the surge that led to the victory at the time George Bush ordered it, and how much (or little) they contributed to the victory that Obama will celebrate:

Obama does deserve credit, as I wrote earlier, for not snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by implementing his oft-proposed accelerated pullout once in office. In fact, Bush handed Obama a turnkey plan for this drawdown, including the substantial force that still remains in Iraq of almost 50,000 “advisers.” Instead of having all American troops out in 16 months, Obama instead settled for the Bush plan of having American troops out of the cities and out of offensive operations, with a large troop presence to help Baghdad maintain order.

Perhaps Obama will have the grace to admit this when the occasion presents itself next week. If he does, it will reflect well on the current Commander in Chief. If not, Boehner’s video makes the truth obvious anyway.