Video: Just a reminder why Grayson has to go

Now that Florida has selected its general-election candidates, the NRCC wants people to remember why Alan Grayson needs to be retired. It’s not just because he has voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi to impose a radical agenda that has deconstructed any hope for a real economic recovery. It’s that he has made himself into a buffoon in doing so. Florida’s 8th Congressional District deserves better:

How did Grayson get elected in the first place in an R+2 district? Barack Obama won 52% of the vote in 2008 (Bush had won by 11 points in 2004), and the resulting wave produced the exact same level of support for Grayson. One might think that this kind of victory would have Grayson acting a lot more moderate and, well, sane.  However, as we have seen repeatedly in his freshman term in the House, Grayson has gone full bore into hard-Left lunacy, so much so that even his appearances on friendly media outlets proved tiresome for his hosts, as the last scene shows in the video.

Daniel Webster won the GOP nomination.  It won’t take much more than simple replays of Grayson’s videotaped nuttiness to define the incumbent as ripe for retirement.  Getting a Jeb Bush endorsement certainly won’t hurt: