Video: Is the DNC Bush ad a base call?

Tired? Lame? Sure, says Erin Billings of Roll Call, but it’s the only play that Democrats have. They have controlled Washington for almost two years and Congress for almost four, and what have they produced? Skyrocketing deficits, a health-care bill so disliked that six out of ten voters want it repealed, and a couple of gimmicky economic programs that have utterly failed to restart American growth. Unlike individual candidates who are distancing themselves from the stench so much that they won’t even identify themselves as Democrats, the DNC is stuck with both the label and the President. Misdirection is the only play they have left:

The actual strategy for this ad is to motivate the base into action, which gets some discussion here, but even that explanation looks lame, and for the same reason. While some strategists chide Republicans for running against Democrats rather than on their own merits, at least they’re running against Democrats currently in office. George W. Bush is about as relevant to this election as, well, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, depending on which side of the divide one is on. Using Bush as the golem in 2010 reeks of desperation, even as an appeal to the base, since Bush is not only not running, he’s not even talking about politics these days — which some in the base occasionally lament.

If the DNC has decided to spend money on base calls, it seems like they are giving up on independents this year — or more accurately, recognize that independents have given up on them.