Pelosi: Gov't should probe people opposed to Ground Zero mosque

Of course!  What better way to defend the First Amendment freedom of religion than to have the Speaker of the House ask the federal government investigate those exercising their First Amendment right to free speech?  Nancy Pelosi just guaranteed at least two new news cycles for a story, tossing even more gasoline on the fire than Barack Obama’s pas de deux this weekend:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday said she supports an investigation into groups opposing the building of a mosque near ground zero in New York.

Pelosi told San Francisco’s KCBS radio that “there is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some.”

“I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded,” she said. “How is this being ginned up?”

Does that mean that Pelosi wants Harry Reid investigated, too?   Rep. Michael Arcuri (D-NY)?  This should be fun!

One might think that Pelsoi would want a peek at where the Park51 will be getting its funds to build the mosque, especially since the State Department is footing the bill for a tour conducted by the imam at the head of the project.  Instead, Pelosi wants the power of the government directed at people taking political positions.  That goes well beyond any supposed extremism by the mosque’s opponents, most (but not all) of whom acknowledge that the property owners have the right to build on their lot anything that meets code, but want to express their opposition to the plans.  Pelosi would take this opportunity to use the government as a thought police to silence dissent.

Incredibly, in the same interview, Pelosi also says this:

Still, Pelosi said she’d like to see the issue determined by New Yorkers and slip off the national stage.

Yes, and a federal probe into political speech will certainly accomplish that, Speaker Pelosi.  Is the leadership of the Democratic Party really this clueless all of the time, or did something get into the water system in Washington DC this past week?

Update: The Daily Kos gets one right on this issue.