Video: Grayson calls Gibbs "Bozo the Spokesman"

This is a fun pass-the-popcorn moment, but it’s also a puzzlement. Gibbs lashed out at the “professional Left” for not focusing on the great accomplishments of the Obama administration, which so far can be listed as (a) extending a statute of limitations on gender-bias complaints in the workplace, and (b) passing a health-sector overhaul that the public overwhelmingly opposes. Rep. Alan Grayson is hardly a model of logic and reflection at the best of times, but here he calls Gibbs a “bozo” for complaining that the Left isn’t giving Barack Obama enough credit, while chastising him … for not talking more about the credit that Obama deserves. He then accuses the White House of suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and being too cowardly to stand up to meanie Republicans, but then demands that Gibbs get fired as a way to fix the problem. If Obama administration lacks a backbone, is that really the fault of the press secretary?

As my friend Tommy Christopher writes, Grayson actually serves more as an example of what Gibbs means. After all, Grayson’s in Congress, and Obama let Congress write the whole agenda this year. Maybe Grayson’s constituents should address the real problem and fire Grayson instead.

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET