Obamateurism of the Day

With reports out that federal workers receive twice as much in compensation as their private-sector counterparts and a runaway deficit dogging his fellow Democrats, Barack Obama had an opportunity to score some points by reducing excess expenditures in the federal government.  He announced an austerity program to do just that, but Business Insider isn’t impressed.  Did Obama cut compensation across the board?  No.  Did he at least cancel bonuses throughout the executive branch?  Nuh-uh.  How about a pay freeze for political appointees?  Er …

Try this: A bonus freeze for some political appointees.

That’s what Obama is going to do, according to Reuters, as part of his effort to show that the Federal government is “tightening its belt.” Remember, we’re just talking political appointees, not the army of untouchable bureaucrats that make up so much of public worker spending.

He may also, if possible, push for a salary freeze for political appointees, but we won’t be going that far yet.

Yeah, well, don’t strain yourself, Mr. President.  After all, you’ve just recovered from last year’s arduous reversal of $100 million in federal spending.

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