Video: Reid running on paternalism and condescension

Everyone say ¡hola! to a great example of both the ad hominem insult and the paternalistic approach to ethnic policticking of Harry Reid.  In this short clip, Reid manages to say nothing at all, and yet still tell Hispanic voters to get back on the Democratic reservation (via the Weekly Standard):

I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.  ‘Kay?  Do I need to say more?

Well, you haven’t said anything yet, Senator.  Like so much of the agenda you’ve pushed, you have made an assertion that has absolutely no substance at all.  What exactly is the basis of your expertise?  Are you speaking from your own deep Hispanic heritage?  Or are you, like so many others in the Democratic Party who like to play race cards in politics, demanding mindless loyalty on the basis of ethnicity?  Alternate headline, and just as accurate: Harry Reid tells Hispanics what to think, can’t explain why.

I have some advice for Senator Reid.  If he wants to find out how someone of Hispanic heritage can be a Republican, he can call Brian Sandoval in Nevada.  Reid should be able to recognize Sandoval, because he’s currently beating Reid’s son Rory like a drum in the polls for the gubernatorial race (via Karl in the Green Room).  Small wonder Rory has stopped using his dad’s name in his campaign advertising.

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