Stark explains that the Constitution has no meaning at all

Sometimes when we start getting a lot of e-mail about a video clip, the results are disappointing. Not this time; in fact, the e-mailers may have undersold this Breitbart clip of Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA), the lunatic who once told a constituent that he wouldn’t bother wasting urine on him, telling a crowd that the federal government has no real limitations in telling people how to live their lives. The setup to this question may be the most clear elucidation of the Constitutional issues involved in ObamaCare, and Stark literally has no answer for them:

A few points should be noted. While the woman argues effectively about the 13th Amendment bar on slavery, the Fifth Amendment protection against confiscation of private property also applies, as does the Article I, Section 8 mandate on Congress to protect the ownership of “exclusive right to their Writings and Discoveries” for those in the sciences and the arts. Also, take a look at Stark’s body language in this exchange. Normally combative (and aggressively insipid in most cases), Stark seems to be collapsing in on himself as the woman builds an argument effectively enough to win applause from her fellow constituents. The bombastic Stark is almost inaudible when he admits that ObamaCare is a symptom of a federal government that no longer adheres to Constitutional limitations, and indeed doesn’t recognize them at all.

Republicans in every district should play this clip and demand an answer from incumbent Democrats who voted for ObamaCare.