Video: Where's the budget?

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) videotaped this message for The Corner as Congress prepared to go into its summer recess without its basic work having even been started. The budget process hasn’t even yet begun, and while politicians stream home to their districts to campaign for re-election, the people should rightly wonder why they should be allowed to return after getting an incomplete in this session of Congress. Jordan tried to get the ball rolling by offering an amendment to the Transportation appropriation bill just now getting considered — usually a haven for pork-barrel projects — that would require the federal government to roll back spending to FY2008 levels, which would shave off about a trillion dollars.

How did Democrats react to that idea? I’ll let Jordan tell you:

Since Democrats took power in January 2007, annual budgets have risen 38% in just three cycles. If we want to solve our deficit and debt problems, we should cure the source of them, which is the rapid expansion of government spending under Democratic Congresses and this Democratic President.