Pelosi: We want Card Check ASAP

Consider this a little reminder for those who seem to have trouble determining whether Nancy Pelosi is a liberal.  Having Pelosi announce to a union crowd (here it’s the Communication Workers of America) that she supports Card Check is a little like saying water is wet, which is why Joe Sestak made such a fool out of himself with his tapdance on Pelosi’s agenda.  Of course she wants Card Check to become law, and not just for altruistic progressive reasons, either:

Pelosi wants Card Check in order to get unions to increase their membership rolls — and the dues they get to collect. Those dues will mean bigger political contributions, which will mean more money to the Democratic Party.  Had the Senate passed EFCA, Democrats may have already started seeing the money roll into their coffers.

It’s a good reminder of the stakes in the midterm elections.  A big win in the House will mean an end to EFCA, which would have to be reintroduced in the next session of Congress if the Senate takes no action on it.  That’s also a good reminder to be wary of the lame-duck Congress after the midterms, and to keep a close eye on the Senate especially.

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