Obamateurism of the Day

Once again, Barack Obama tries to make the case that he feels our pain:

He says he and first lady Michelle Obama took a hit like everybody else when the economy nearly collapsed, telling ABC that a college fund for daughters Malia and Sasha has gone “up and down” with the stock market.

Obama says the first couple is “not that far removed from what most Americans are going through.” He tells the network “it was just a few years ago that we had high credit card balances, we had two kids, thinking about college. We had our own retirement accounts, wondering if we were going to be able to get enough assets in there.”

Uh, when the economy nearly collapsed, the Obamas were earning millions of dollars in book royalties and Obama was a US Senator on his way to the White House.  His retirement account would have come from the American taxpayer with just one more term in the Senate, and is now secure with his presidential pension.  Meanwhile, his books still roll up tons of cash, which hardly puts Obama in the position of having to determine whether he can afford to spend money on food.

Meanwhile, the Obama family will be pretty far removed for their vacation:

The White House says first lady Michelle Obama will travel to Spain next week for a private trip with longtime family friends.

Mrs. Obama will be traveling with her youngest daughter, Sasha. President Barack Obama and daughter Malia will not be on the trip.

And while in Spain, they won’t be traveling on $20 a day:

Mother and daughter would come to the southern holiday resort of Marbella on a “private visit in the company of old friends,” the source told the German Press Agency…

Spanish media reports said Michelle Obama and her younger daughter Sasha, 9, would be on Spain’s Costa del Sol between August 4 and 8.  There had been speculation that Barack Obama might also come to Spain to celebrate his 49th birthday on August 4.

Michelle Obama has reserved about 30 rooms for herself and her daughter, their friends and bodyguards at a five-star hotel in Benahavis near Marbella, hotel sources said.

Not far removed, eh?  How many of those struggling Americans have ever been to Spain, at a five-star resort?

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