Obamateurism of the Day

This OOTD comes from Bobby Jindal, who related a conversation he had with Barack Obama when Jindal challenged the moratorium on drilling and the economic damage it would do.  At about 1:10 on this tape from his speech to fellow Louisiana protesters, Jindal explains Obama’s advice to the people whose livelihoods will end, thanks to Obama’s arbitrary and capricious ban on further oil work in the Gulf:

The President of the United States came down here, met with us in person, and this is what he told us. He said this to me. He said, “Governor, if people lose their jobs because of the moratorium, they can file a BP claim. I said, “Mr. President, with all due respect, what if BP doesn’t pay?” He said, “Don’t worry, Governor, they can file an unemployment claim.”

So the answer to the White House’s needless destruction of good-paying jobs is …. let them eat unemployment claims!

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