Rubio vs Maddow: Who's more mainstream?

Marco Rubio offered a detailed plan this week for restoring the nation to financial health as well as another focused on rescuing the Gulf area economy.  Rachel Maddow offered … ad hominem criticism in response.  Rubio offers a simple test for those unsure which side they should take in this debate.  Those who support extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, reforming the AMT, blocking passage of a value-added tax (VAT), protect the right of workers to cast secret ballots in union organizing elections, stopping cap-and-trade, and repealing ObamaCare, welcome to the Rubio campaign.  Those who oppose it should be sure to tune into MSNBC at 9 ET:

Rachel Maddow has slightly under a million viewers across the country, losing just a few thousand viewers from her Keith Olbermann lead-in, which is, er, less than half of Sean Hannity’s audience on Fox.  I’d guess that Marco Rubio will get at least three times as many votes in Florida alone in November as there are total people watching Maddow’s show.  If there’s a test, the winner should be fairly clear.