Just how unpopular are Democrats in this cycle?

When Democrats form Astroturf groups to attack Democrats, you know they’ve really run off the rails:

Beginning in May, a group called Iowans for Responsible Government spent over three quarters of a million dollars on television ads and mailers lumping Republican gubernatorial candidate Terry Branstad in with “liberal” politicians like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton.

Branstad at the time was engaged in a GOP primary fight against conservative activist Bob Vander Plaats, a race he won on June 8 by 10 points.

Citing Branstad’s record on taxes when he last served as Iowa governor in the eighties and nineties, one mailer from the group blared: “Liberal Terry Branstad would make Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi proud.”

We get it — the group wanted to tie Branstad to the highly unpopular Democrats.  And who provided the money for IRG?

Now it turns out that the campaign casting Republican Branstad and national Democrats in an unfavorable light was funded by – surprise! – those very same national Democrats.

According to a disclosure report filed this week with the IRS, the group was funded entirely by the Democratic Governors Association, which is backing Gov. Chet Culver’s re-election bid. The DGA spent $782,500 on the effort to rattle Branstad.

The DGA spent over three-quarters of a million dollars in Iowa to emphasize that Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi provide failed liberal leadership?  I’d call that progress!  Republicans and independents have already reached that conclusion; it’s good to see Democrats finally catching up to reality.

The DGA, meanwhile, doubled down on stupid:

“We saw an opportunity with this political hypocrisy and took advantage of it. Branstad continues to run a false and deceptive campaign, and he is not who he says he is.”

You know, kind of like the DGA disguised itself as the IRG.  Nothing ‘false and deceptive’ about that!  At least, it’s not false and deceptive if the DGA plans to endorse a Republican takeover in the House to remove Pelosi from power, and to offer an endorsement for a  primary challenge to Obama in 2012.   Failing that, the DGA just spent a lot of money and wound up exposing its own hypocrisy, just in time for the Iowa general election.

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