Democrat loses key constituency?

Honestly, this story isn’t terribly meaningful in itself — but it’s much too delicious to pass without comment.  Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John Smith scours the obituary section and finds one dead voter who won’t be casting a ballot for Harry Reid.  And thanks to that obituary, more Nevadans may follow Charlotte McCourt — well, at least in the voting booth:

Chances are good you never met Charlotte McCourt during her 84 years, but I’m willing to bet you’ll be hearing about her in the coming days now that her obituary has taken Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to task. It’s the kind of small story that has the potential to ricochet like a bullet through the campaign showdown between incumbent Reid and Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

Not because McCourt, who died July 8 after a long illness, was a political player or business powerbroker, but precisely because she was neither of those things. She was a homemaker, proud mother and grand mother and wife of 67 years to Patrick McCourt.

And she was at one time a loyal supporter of Harry Reid.

Her obituary, printed in Tuesday’s Review-Journal, reads in part, “We believe that Mom would say she was mortified to have taken a large role in the election of Harry Reid to U.S. Congress. Let the record show Charlotte was displeased with his work. Please, in lieu of flowers, vote for another more worthy candidate.”

If this was Chicago, we know what the answer would be — dig up a few more dead voters!  In Nevada, though, that option probably doesn’t work.  Instead, Reid will have to convince a state full of Charlotte McCourts that they have nothing more to fear from him, because he’s done all of the damage he can do.

Mrs. McCourt is at peace now, and far beyond the world of politics and elections, but her family’s valediction may make her more politically viable than Reid himself.  I hope that Reid has many happy and healthy years of retirement, but also that his political demise comes as quickly as possible.  It would indeed be ironic if a Democrat lost an election from the graveyard.