Audio: Sheehan hangs up on Klein over terrorism debate

How about a little blast from the past, courtesy of Aaron Klein of WABC Radio? Aaron invited Cindy Sheehan onto his Sunday afternoon show, broadcast live from 2-4ET, to discuss an upcoming trial and her perspective on Barack Obama and his war policies. Sheehan tells Aaron that she doesn’t feel betrayed by Obama because she never trusted him in the first place, and that she believes him to be a corporatist instead of a liberal, calling ObamaCare a big boon to insurance companies. Sheehan gets testy (although never rude) when Aaron presses her on the issue of terrorism, suddenly claiming that the only topic under discussion was supposed to be her trial. When Aaron starts reading his e-mail invitation on the air to clarify, Sheehan abruptly hangs up on him:

It’s kind of a shame that she bailed, because it was at least somewhat interesting until then. Aaron was polite and the questions certainly weren’t outside the realm of debate, especially given Sheehan’s years of extreme rhetoric in the anti-war movement.

Aaron is also the author of The Manchurian President, which outlines Obama’s ties to radicals.