Video: Angle's first ad hits Reid on unemployment

Who knew that Sharron Angle paid attention to James Carville? Plenty of Republicans will take Carville’s famous 1992 adage to heart in this midterm election and focus on the economy and joblessness. The only narration in this ad comes at the beginning, as Angle endorses it in accordance with election law. Otherwise, dirge music plays as the graphics tell the tale of Harry Reid’s leadership and its impact on the economy, especially in Nevada, which now leads the nation in joblessness:

Effective? It certainly seems so. While Reid isn’t directly responsible for Nevada’s particular internal problems (which would be more of an issue for the state’s government), he and Nancy Pelosi helped set the national stage for the economic collapse and the failed stimulus they insisted on passing. When they shoved it through Congress without bothering to work with Republicans, Reid and Pelosi wanted to take full credit for its results. Angle is merely playing along with that. Democrats told America that spending $800 billion we didn’t have would buy us an unemployment rate of below 8%; instead, joblessness has worsened steadily ever since the bill passed.

Reid and the Democrats own Porkulus. Angle is just reminding people what Reid bought with it, and how Nevadans are paying for it now.