Video: Teens rediscover hickeys, or something

Every year, we have to have a national hysteria over something happening with our teens, I suppose — and if that’s true, this one looks harmless enough.  Thanks to the popularity of the Twilight series, teens are telling each other “Bite me” and meaning it … as a term of endearment.  CNN sinks its teeth into this new fad:

Hey, I remember when we used to call them hickeys — and for that matter, I remember delivering those with a little more panache.

This isn’t anywhere close to the most disturbing trend among teenagers influenced by popular culture, among them the oral fallout of a claim by a former President of certain acts not qualifying as sex. It’s not even the most disturbing development from Twilight‘s impact on popular culture; Amy Klobuchar’s insistence on getting Elena Kagan on record as belonging to Team Edward or Team Jacob wins that booby prize for Klobuchar’s Minnesota constituents. The rediscovery of love bites ranks right up there with a modern resurgence of Spin the Bottle.