Obamateurism of the Day

Yesterday’s OOTD turns out to have a second OOTD buried in it, which Steve Eggleston discovered when he looked up some data on unemployment figures. As you’ll recall, Barack Obama told a Racine, Wisconsin audience that they should count themselves lucky about unemployment:

So those were the things that we did through the Recovery Act. Now, every economist who has looked at it has said that the recovery did its job. It put a brake on the collapse of the economy. We avoided a Great Depression. We are now growing again. The problem is, number one, it’s hard to argue sometimes, things would have been a lot worse. Right? So people kind of say, yeah, but unemployment is still at 9.6. Yes, but it’s not 12 or 13, or 15.

Did Barack Obama bother to find out what the unemployment rate is in the City of Racine? According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, which has the May figures as its latest data, it’s … 14.2% (page 5).

Should they still be thanking you, champ?

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