Matthews: Crist will be the "new star of the Democratic Caucus"

Gee, how would Florida voters like to send support for Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer in next year’s Democratic leadership vote in the Senate? Chris Matthews thinks that electing Charlie Crist will do just that. While Crist has been quiet on which caucus he will join if elected to the US Senate, Matthews doesn’t have much doubt at all — and thinks that Crist will be a “star” among Democrats:

Jim Geraghty wonders whether Matthews is helping Crist, too:

How many Republicans will stay on the Crist bandwagon if they know a vote for him is a vote for Democrat control of the Senate?

Probably zero, but that’s not the bigger question here, since Crist is going to lose most Republicans anyway.  The question will be how many independents Crist will lose if he keeps aligning himself with the Democrats.  After all, the overarching momentum in both national and Floridian politics isn’t a surge in support for the Democratic agenda of both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Independents oppose ObamaCare and the Obama administration’s direction on immigration.  Crist’s attempts to distance himself from his previous status as an establishment Republican will come back to haunt him if he winds up being more Democratic than Kendrick Meek.