Schoolhouse Rock: No more kings

Via Cubachi, a few delightful clips from the venerable Schoolhouse Rock series that might have helped a few of the people Jay Leno met on his last Jaywalking effort. First up is “No More Kings,” which presents a rather, er, simplified view of the American Revolution, but gives the kids at least a basic idea of why it happened:

Next up is “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” which celebrates the start of fighting in 1775 and takes us through Bunker Hill, the Delaware, and on to Yorktown in a three-minute tour. “And though they lost some battles too, the Americans swore they’d see it through …” It was more than some, but we won the ones that counted:

This one’s called “Fireworks,” but it’s about the Declaration of Independence. Note the repeated artistic depiction of the “pursuit of happiness”:

And if you don’t mind skipping to 1787, here’s the Schoolhouse Rock episode on the Constitution. “It’s been helping us run our country ever since then …” Well, it would be nice if we had more than five Supreme Court Justices who agreed with that, but I’ll take what I can get. It transforms the Preamble into song lyrics — and it is sweet music indeed: