Video: Summer snowmobiling?

If you thought Minnesotans were crazy for electing Jesse Ventura and Al Franken to high public office, well … okay, you’re right. Consider this another data point for that argument. Over the last two days, Minnesotans have endured torrential rains and flash flooding — which canceled my scheduled first pitch throw for the minor league Saint Paul Saints baseball team on Friday — as well as tornado warnings yesterday.  Rain fell at rates of two inches per hour at times over the last couple of days, leading streets and freeways to flood out entirely.  What’s a Minnesotan to do when summer storms strike?  As Gary at Let Freedom Ring discovered in this You Tube, just pretend it’s winter:

The storms this weekend were really no joke.  We had cloud rotations over our city, which are precursors to tornadoes, but fortunately nothing more dramatic developed than some decent winds, thunder and lightning, and a ton of rain.  As nutty as a snowmobile ride down a flooded street might be, it’s an understandable way to blow off some steam after eyeballing those storm cells this weekend.

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David Strom 3:31 PM on February 02, 2023