Video: Palin speaks at CSU Stanislaus

Sarah Palin finally gave her speech California State University at Stanislaus after a controversy over its contract with the conservative firebrand. Palin started off by joking about the kerfuffle, demanding a bendable straw and a bottle of water at the beginning of the speech. Instead of the usual cheering crowd, CSU Stanislaus provided a polite and appreciative audience, and Palin delivered a speech that fit the venue. She drew connections between the agricultural industry in the area and her family’s work in commercial fishing before launching into a more philosophical review of the nature of liberty. The Right Scoop has the video from the local Fox station’s video stream:


The Merced Sun-Star has a cleaner video of the speech, but TRS’s is perfectly serviceable. The Sun-Star also reported on the event:

Sarah Palin discussed civic education, freedom of speech and her infamous “bendable straws” demand at California State University, Stanislaus, on Friday night.

In a 34-minute speech, she poked fun at controversy sparked by the March announcement she would appear at the public school and the outcry over her confidential contract, a portion of which students said they found in a university Dumpster. …

She repeatedly referenced Ronald Reagan’s optimism. She said she felt a kinship with the farmers in the room because she’s the owner of a family fishing business.

She called for a return to common sense in the country and took President Obama to task for what she sees as soft views on the war on terror and immigration.

“We must embrace our entrepreneurial drive, and allow America to remain the world’s standard-bearer for excellence,” she said.
Palin took a shot at those who have launched an investigation into the finances of the university’s nonprofit foundation in response to her confidential contract.

“Attorney General Jerry Brown and friends, this is California, do you really not have anything better to do?”

The Sun-Star also reported that around a hundred protesters turned out for the speech, chanting slogans and carrying signs calling Palin “Sinister Sarah.” If that’s as good as CSU Stanislaus’ lefties can manage, things have gone downhill since my days in the CSU system almost 30 years ago in Fullerton. The mainstream media reporters covering the event couldn’t do much better, as Breitbart TV caught when the live feed continued after the speech and picked up the comments of the press corps:


If these were opinion journalists, these comments would be no problem. If they’re news reporters expected to render an objective, fact-based report on the event, I’d say that they have a bright future at MSNBC.

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