Video: Border Patrol just like the KKK, says liberal activist

Verum Serum catches this memorable moment from the US Social Forum in Detroit, spoken by Elena Herrada on Wednesday.  The US Social Forum is, as you might imagine, a far-Left forum that has attendees such as Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dohrn, and Danny Glover, according to Morgen at VS.  And if you’ve never heard of Herrada, that doesn’t mean she’s simply some unknown who climbed on the stage to rant.  Herrada is well known enough for the New York Times to ask her to contribute.   Here she contributes by comparing the Border Patrol to the KKK:

The knock on the Tea Party from the Left is that it’s filled with anti-government hatred.  Well, I’ve been to a lot of Tea Party events now, and while no one at them cares for the current Congress and would like to see the IRS abolished, I haven’t heard anyone compare them to the KKK.  Accusing them of “terrorizing our communities” is not only ridiculously demagogic, it’s also completely inaccurate.  The Border Patrol operates on the border, which is nowhere near Detroit (see update below).  Herrada may be confusing the Border Patrol with ICE, another DHS agency that does conduct raids on employers and enforces immigration law … when it gets around to it, and when the federal government needs a photo op to argue that they’re trying to enforce existing law but just can’t hack it.

Give Herrada’s NYT article a read, too, only for her cluelessness about the decline of Detroit.  My favorite part is the conclusion:

We are in a deep malaise here, but this is not new. It’s often said that in the private sector that Detroit is not the place to start a “service industry.” When you hear that the service is terrible in Detroit, imagine us raising our collective glass in cheer, because we did not come here to serve anyone.

And she wonders why the “deep malaise” is something new?

Update: Yes, I know that Detroit is near the Canadian border.  Last I saw, the Border Patrol wasn’t rounding up Canadians in Detroit, and their patrols on the northern border are hardly controversial.

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