Video: Michelle Malkin rips Salazar on Hannity

After writing a scathing column on the Obama administration’s humiliating defeat in federal court over their drilling moratorium, the Boss Emeritus appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night to expound on the subject further. Read the entire 22-page opinion, Michelle urges, because it may be the best corroboration of the consistent conservative assessment of Obama, which is that everything is manipulated to further political ends. Judge Feldman recognized the dishonesty in the government’s presentation and only thinly covered his contempt with legal jargon. The Right Scoop caught the video last night:

Michelle rightly focuses on Ken Salazar for her ass-kicking column and appearance, but we should also keep Barack Obama front and center as well. Salazar fronted the drilling moratorium, but that was Obama’s decision. Either Obama heard the recommendations of the scientists that Salazar later misrepresented and decided to defy them, or he wasn’t engaged enough to bother finding out what his own expert panel had to say about the most exigent crisis in the US for the last two months. He’s either just as dishonest as Salazar — and keeping Salazar after this makes that even more clear — or he’s too busy playing golf and meeting with sports teams to care one way or the other.

The pushback on this criticism has been, “Well, you can’t expect the President to climb into a boat and go plug the leak himself!” Of course not — but we can expect him to pay attention to the panel of experts that he himself commissioned to deal with the crisis. If Obama is too disengaged to do even that much, then he’s not leading at all. And if he did listen and still decided to put a blanket moratorium on drilling despite their explicit rejection of such a move and allowed Salazar to lie about it, then he owns the dishonesty, and still owes the US an explanation as to why he defied his own self-selected experts in imposing that damaging policy.