The Ed Morrissey Show: Ron Johnson, Christopher & Howe!

Today at 3 pm ET, our friend Jim Geraghty can’t make it — so we’ll do a Face the Chatizens segment in the first 30 minutes of the show.  What’s on your mind?  Play Stump the Host and win big prizes the respect of your fellow Chatizens!  Don’t forget to register at Ustream (it’s free!) to participate in the chat room.

In the second half hour, we’ll meet businessman and Senate candidate Ron Johnson.  He won the Republican endorsement in Wisconsin to challenge incumbent Democrat Russ Feingold in November.  Is Wisconsin ready for a change — and ready to send the most liberal member of the Senate into retirement?  We’ll find out today!

In bonus minutes, Tommy Christopher and Caleb Howe return from a long hiatus for another episode of Christopher & Howe.  We’ll talk about Jake Tapper’s efforts to land Sarah Palin as a guest on This Week, the falling ratings of Barack Obama, and see if I get a word in edgewise on my own show.  I’m putting the odds of that at around 5-3.

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