Beeler on debt: Greece is just the appetizer

John Hinderaker of Power Line calls this the Cartoon of the Day, and Nate Beeler certainly captures the problem of national debt with his Washington Examiner entry today — especially when it comes to American denial:

There seems to be an attitude of it-can’t-possibly-happen-here among Americans watching Greece and its throes of fiscal collapse.  Greece’s position is much worse than ours is, at least at the moment, as Paul Krugman argued earlier this week.  However, on our current trajectory, it won’t  take long for us to get to the position in which Greece now finds itself, with its debt at 113% of its GDP and no mandate for spending cuts.  In fact, the mere agreement that Greek government spending had to be reduced created riots in the streets and a Communist demand that the “peoples of Europe” rise up and, apparently, feed themselves to the Kraken.  Unfortunately, too many Americans want to feed the Kraken as well while pretending not to see it.

On another note, it’s amazing how much cultural penetration has come from two cheesy Clash of the Titans films, hasn’t it?  Too bad Nate forgot the mechanical owl.

Be sure to check out Nate’s blog for more of his excellent work, featured at the indispensable Examiner.