The Ed Morrissey Show: Jim Geraghty, Sue Fulton; Update: Milbloggers call for end to DADT

Today’s edition of The Ed Morrissey Show comes at a special time of 1 pm ET, as today is a travel day for me.  I’m going to Chicago to attend a Sarah Palin speech, from which I hope to report back on Thursday.  The travel will make it impossible for me to have a live show on Thursday, but we can do a shorter show today.  We’ll talk with Jim Geraghty about the latest campaign news, including the defeats of incumbents Bob Bennett in Utah and Alan Mollohan in West Virginia.  We’ll also discuss the RNC’s new numbers of 130 House seats in play, as well as all of the other campaign news!

Before that, though, we’ll welcome Sue Fulton of Knights Out to discuss the ongoing debate over the repeal of DADT.  We’re expecting some news today about a shift towards support of the end of DADT, and we’ll ask the West Point 1980 grad about her position, the timing, and the politics of the debate.

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Update: A coalition of milbloggers have issued a statement calling for the end of DADT:

The service chiefs are currently studying the impact and consequences of changing the DADT policy, and how to implement it without compromising the morale, order and discipline necessary for the military to function. The study is due to be completed on Dec. 1st. We ask Congress to withhold action until this is finished, but no longer.  We urge Congress to listen to the service chiefs and act in accordance with the recommendations of that study.

The US Military is professional and ready to adapt to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell without compromising its mission.  Echoing Sec. Def. Gates and ADM Mullen, we welcome open and honorable service, regardless of sexual orientation.

The list includes bloggers from Blackfive, David Bellavia, J D Johannes, Mark Seavey, John Donovan, Marc Danziger, Bruce McQuain, and more.