The Ed Morrissey Show: Face the Chatizens, Matt Lewis, R. Emmett Tyrell

Today at 3 pm ET on The Ed Morrissey Show, Andrew Malcolm takes a well-deserved vacation, so we’ll have a Face the Chatizens hour instead.  What’s on your mind?  Join the chat and we’ll hit a wide range of topics from the blog.  Be sure to register at Ustream to participate! Matt Lewis of Politics Daily will join us for the chatizen debate.

At 4 pm ET, we’ll welcome American Spectator founder R. Emmett Tyrell to discuss his new book After the Hangover: The Conservatives’ Road to Recovery, which pulls no punches in its approach to uniting the Right. The press release for the book says:

Tyrell describes part of the problem with conservatism is the result of “petty competitiveness” among conservative intellectuals, the pundits he calls “reformed conservatives (RC)” who ingratiate themselves with the mainstream media by finding fault with conservatism. These RC’s include columnists David Brooks, David Frum, Ross Douthat, Kathleen Parker, Tucker Carlson and Christopher Buckley as well as television host Joe Scarborough.

“The conservative sniping must first stop and the Reformed Conservatives (RC’s), are only aiming to please Liberals with their conservative criticism and raising, what they believe, their profile as a conservative” contends Tyrrell. “Although many of the RC’s wrote obituaries for the conservative movement, what they don’t realize is that conservatives have suffered their ideological divisions since the movement began and gained political power nonetheless. They’re cheap acts as conservative hustlers can cease and desist.”

I’m not in agreement about a couple of these voices, but Tyrrell is always interesting and provocative. We’ll delve into his argument in bonus minutes today!

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