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Last month, we scolded Barack Obama for making the amateurish mistake of selling past the close on ObamaCare. This weekend, Obama made yet another amateurish sales mistake by overselling while selling past the close. In his address at Hampton University’s commencement, Obama managed to equate the passage of ObamaCare with the effort to stop lynchings and the success of the civil rights movement. The Right Scoop has the clip:

What’s next? Does Obama go to Florida and equate it to putting a man on the Moon? Does he visit Normandy and talk about how Congress stormed the halls of the Insurance Reich to, er, force millions of people to buy policies from them? Maybe he can recast the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware to put him in a boat crossing the Potomac with the ObamaCare proposal … he never actually produced himself.

How far back will Obama reach to find historical accomplishments to equate with ObamaCare? If he gets to Golgotha, don’t expect me to be surprised.

Update: Hampton University, not Hampton College.  Thanks to HA reader Sean for the correction.

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