Video: Tennessee's under water, and nobody gives a dang?

I wrote about the devastating flood in Nashville a couple of days ago, but Red State Update has a great video worth a look today. It’s a good excuse to remind people to donate what they can to help victims in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri back to their feet. But the best part of this video is the NSFW weather report that they spotted on a local TV station. No one can doubt that Nashville got, er, screwed by this storm and the apathetic response from the Obama administration, but you’ll rarely see such a graphic explanation of that in the, er, graphics. Again, Not Safe for Work, but hilarious:

Where can you go to help?  Try these organizations:

Did Red State Update make up that weather-graphic clip?  It would be hilarious either way, but it doesn’t appear that they made it up.  They have a link to a YouTube clip of the original broadcast, so it looks legit.

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023