Video: Obama's really bad, not good, terrible week

What better way to wrap up Barack Obama’s horrible week than this panel discussion on Sean Hannity’s show last night? For my money, anything with a John Fund appearance is worth a second look, and he’s clearly the substantive star of this discussion. Steve Murphy gets outclassed as well as outnumbered, especially when the talk turns to immigration. I’d have preferred a longer discussion of the Times Square bombing attempt, as the media has mainly focused on the success of law enforcement rather than the failure of counterterrorism efforts to stop these attack attempts before it reaches the actual attack stage. Hannity gives Nashville’s disaster a prominent mention as well, noting that the administration still hasn’t done even that much:

Lost in the bluster of the panel discussion is the real problem for the White House this week, which is the loss of a sense of competence across the board. In that sense, the Gulf spill is akin to Katrina for Bush, and the botched Times Square attack adds onto the impression that this administration has become clueless. The Sunday talk shows will chew that over at length unless the White House dramatically changes the narrative — which is why we’ll probably get a SCOTUS leak today or tonight.

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