Video: "I never thought I'd be on national TV for wearing an American flag shirt"

Via Greg Hengler, this interviews distills the ridiculous nature of Live Oak High School’s action to its core. Martha MacCallum interviews two of the students disciplined for wearing clothing with an American-flag theme in the Morgan Hill, CA school, Austin Carvalho and Dom Maciel, who seem just as nonplussed to be on television as the rest of us were that the school attempted to punish them. What seems to elude people in this incident is that everyone has the right to express themselves on every day of the year in the US, and that “some people may be offended” is no just cause for censorship:

The fact that these boys had to appear on a national news show to defend wearing American-flag themed clothing serves as an indictment to the political correctness that prompted this incident in the first place. The school district apparently agrees, as they pointedly declined to defend the decision made by the school’s administration yesterday. However, that didn’t stop a protest at Live Oak High yesterday:

About 85 mostly Hispanic students staged a noon protest march through Morgan Hill on Thursday, one day after five students at Live Oak High School were sent home after showing up in clothing with American flags on Cinco de Mayo.

The protesters supported the school’s decision, while the parents of the students sent home blasted it and the school district’s superintendent called the entire incident “extremely unfortunate.” …

Thursday’s student protesters said “they wanted to be treated with respect” in the wake of Wednesday’s incident, said City Manager Ed Tewes, who met with a handful of students from the group after a rally they held at the flagpole outside City Hall.

Tewes said the group also discussed a possible community-wide celebration of diversity and asked for ideas about how to bring the community together.

I have no problem with political demonstrations either, but it obviously hasn’t occurred to these students that they’re protesting for the elimination of the right of free expression, a rather ironic and highly contradictory position.  As far as the “celebration of diversity” idea goes, what Live Oak High had on Wednesday was a celebration of diversity.  Its administration preferred the conformity of political correctness.  They’re afraid of real diversity and trying to hide it when it appears.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on June 02, 2023