Video: Obama on illegal immigration enforcement in 2006

Actually, Barack Obama doesn’t say anything different here in 2006 than he does in 2010, but this video-in-amber is interesting for the eventual outcome of the case highlighted in the clip. Elvira Arellano became quite the cause celebre a few years ago when she took refuge in a church to avoid a deportation effort by the Bush administration. The Boss Emeritus covered the case in detail during that time, and a local Chicago TV reporter wondered aloud whether Illinois’ Senators would intervene to rescue her from, er, the proper enforcement of American law. Then-Senator Obama made it perfectly clear that he has always said that he would … vote present. Naked Emperor News catches the moment:

We are a nation of laws, and Obama actually got this one right. I guess he’s more of the mind that we’re a nation of federal laws, and that states should have nothing to do with their enforcement. Will he apply that same philosophy to his new ObamaCare programs? Don’t hold your breath.

Update: Some readers, including Michael T, recall it being a Methodist church that gave Arellano sanctuary. I’ve removed the sectarian modifier, as it’s not material to this post.

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