Alert the Media: The Patriot in the Twin Cities

Just a reminder that Wednesday’s The Ed Morrissey Show will shift to the morning — all morning, from 8-11 am CT, as I broadcast live from AM 1280 The Patriot to the Twin Cities. Since I’ll be on the air for three hours in the morning, we won’t have the afternoon show, but tomorrow morning’s broadcast will also go live through Hot Air and Ustream with camera and chat room. If you’re not in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, be sure to catch it live here.

I have a number of great guests already lined up, including Michelle Malkin, King Banaian, Congressman John Kline, and Governor Tim Pawlenty — plus more on the Overturning ObamaCare event on April 28th. Plus, we’ll take calls live at 651-289-4488!

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