Breaking: Taliban suicide attack on US consulate in Peshawar

According to NBC, the Taliban sent a series of suicide bombers in an attack on the US consulate in Peshawar, Pakistan today. Two security guards were killed in the attack, but no American officials were harmed. NBC reports that none of the bombers breached the perimeter:

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However, Stratfor has the damage as much greater, with as many as 36 people dead:

One attacker was able to blow up in the U.S. Consulate premises, AAJ TV reported April 5. The front side of the U.S. Consulate has been totally destroyed. Reports indicate that seven or eight security personnel in the consulate are dead. The consulate’s communication system is down.

Reports in the first couple of hours after an attack tend to be rather contradictory; Stratfor’s is contradictory within itself, as their original report indicated 36 people had been killed. The update, quoted above, moved that number down to eight, although it also was more specific about them being “security personnel.” The scenes shown by NBC in this clip tend to support the less-dramatic damage assessment, but that could be misleading as well. As more comes out, I’ll update the post.

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