Gallup poll shows widespread skepticism on ObamaCare costs, effects

If Democrats really believe that ObamaCare will help them in the midterm elections, then the most recent Gallup survey will leave them disillusioned.  Americans remain just as skeptical as they have been for months on Democratic claims of cost effectiveness and improvements, both personally and to the system as a whole.  In fact, only 21% think the new law will improve their health care, while 50% believe it will make it worse:

One week after the passage of historic new healthcare legislation, Americans remain worried about the bill’s effect on costs — both for the nation as a whole and for them personally. A majority of Americans say healthcare costs in the U.S. and the federal budget deficit will get worse as a result of the bill. Half of Americans believe that healthcare costs for themselves and their families will get worse. …

In response to two broad questions about the impact of the bill, Americans clearly see more benefits from the bill for the country as a whole than for themselves personally. Even so, less than half of Americans say the benefit will be positive for the nation or themselves.

Americans’ views on the impact of the new healthcare legislation are quite similar to those measured last November.

ObamaCare scores best on whether it improves healthcare coverage in the nation in general and whether it will make Americans more healthy.  On both points, positive responses have a plurality, 44% and 40%, respectively.  Even on those points, though, they get outweighed when considering no change or worse in combination (53% and 59%, respectively).  On the remaining questions, the negative responses have the plurality, especially so on key talking points of Democrats.

  • Overall health-care costs in US will get worse (55%) rather than better (29%)
  • Quality of health care will decline (44%) rather than get better (34%)
  • The federal deficit will get worse under ObamaCare (61%) rather than improve (23%)

The worst numbers, at least politically speaking, come from the personal assessments of the respondents.  A majority of people believe that their health care costs will increase as a result of ObamaCare, while only 21% believe the costs will decrease.  More people think their coverage will get worse (34%) rather than better (24%), and that the quality of care they receive personally will decline (35%) rather than improve (21%).   There aren’t many voters that will trudge out to the polls to endorse the person who made their health care cost more and deliver less, and the people who feel that way will be more motivated to kick those politicians out of office than those who want to maintain the status quo.

There is one more piece of bad news for Democrats.  This is a poll of adults, not registered or likely voters, which would normally skew more towards liberal sensibilities.  If this is the sense of the general adult population, then the attitudes of voters will be even more dour than this.

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